drivers in Mannequin.any


when i switch off any of the drivers in Mannequin.any of the StandingModel except for the GLOBAL_DRIVER_SWITCH, the PELVIS_ROT_Z_DRIVER , and the PELVIS_THORAX_EXTENSION_DRIVER i still have “1 unsolvable constraint”.

I would like to rotate the pelvis and to determine the pelvis-thorax-flexion independently. How can i do this?



It seems as if HipFlexion in the Posture folder in combination with PelvisThoraxExtension is what i want to use with all drivers set to zero, as is default.
(But what is PelvisRotZ good for?)

Hello Thomas,
PelivRotZ is used to rotate the pelvis wrt to the global coordinate system, it is used for positioning.
Please write if you have any further questions.
Best regards,