Dynamometer model?

My name is Tessa and I am a master student at Maastricht University. For my internship I want to validate personalized models with lab measurements. To do this, we would like to compare model output with results of an isometric dynamometer measurement. However, I could not find an existing human model performing knee extension and/or flexion on a dynamometer. Does anyone know if there is one already available? Or does anyone have good suggestions to build a certain model? I would like to import joint torques of the knee and position the joints in a specific angle.

Kind regards,
Tessa DH

Ps: I’m working with a student version of AnyBody (64-bit version) and the AMMRV1.6.3.

Hi Tessa,

I believe this kind of models are somewhat easy to make starting with the generic standing model. Please try describing in more detail what you want to make and what difficulties you have so we could help your further.

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Hello Pavel,

Your help is very much appreciated!
I would like to create a model that reflects an isometric maximal voluntary contraction measurement on a Biodex. Therefore, the model should consist of a sitting human body (TLEM, 2 legs, no arms) that performs knee extension and flexion against a fixed constraint that is located just above the ankle. The leg should not move during a trial, however changing the angles of the knee, ankle and hip between trials should be possible.
Input for the model are:

  •   the maximal knee joint torque, to see if the muscle activations  in AnyBody reach their maximal potential. (I think, this is the main  issue here)
  •   The angles of the hip, knee and ankle should be adjustable between trials, but fixed within a trial
  •   The pelvis should be fixed to the chair (=ground)

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Hi Tessa,

We have a SeatedHuman model in the repository. You would need to configure this model to remove arms, remove the drivers from the back rest and those that are not needed, and drive your joints as needed. For the force/moment application please check the AnyForce3D/AnyMoment3D classes.

A good start would be to learn how to configure models from BM statements. So please refer to the tutorials if you havent done so yet. And let us know should more specific questions appear.

Kind regards,