Equations for AnyMuscleModel3E


I was wondering if you could tell me which equations are used to calculate muscle forces in AnyMuscleModel3E. Specifically, I would like to know the equations used to model force-velocity and length-tension relationships. I looked at one previous thread, 11/30/2006 but the equations were not presented in it. Please, let me know.

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We have a very preliminary muscle paper describing these things… since it is a draft i will not distribute it through the forum, please send an email to support@anybodytech.com and we will send a copy.

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I am also looking for the definition of the “force-velocity” and “length-tension” relationships in Anybody for the AnyMuscleModel3E muscle model. Can anyone navigate me where I can find it?


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Please follow the suggestion of Søren or try to check our tutorial where some information is given, including the references to underlying scientific papers.
Muscle Modeling

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