Error appearing on models that used to work


Today I encountered a problem, an error message appeared on all the models I used to run with no problem before. The message is the following:

ERROR(SCR.PRS16) : C:/U…s/B…s/A…a/R…g/A…y/A…x/A…4/A…n/E…s/G…s/ModelSetup.any : Defined At : C:/U…s/B…s/A…a/R…g/A…y/A…x/A…4/Body/A…n/T…x/M…p/CreateMarkerClassTD.any : ‘ref2’ : Reference to non-folder object. Pos is of class AnyOutputFloat

I don’t understad because it is the same message for 6 differents models for gait analysis, registered under different names.

Could someone explain to me what happen?
I use the AMMRV1.4 and I join here one of the models.

Thank you very much in advance for your help,

Best regards,

Claude Pothrat

Hi Claude,

I’ve downloaded your model and ran it with AMMR1.4 & AMS 5.1.0 official version.

It seems that it is working well!

I could see no problem.

Which version of AMS are you using now?

If you are not using AMS 5.1 version, then I would suggest you to use the latest version.

Best regards,


Thank you for your reply.
In fact, I noticed that in the folder CreateMarkerClassTD, the reference to the C3D marker had been modified from “PosInterpol” to “Pos”.
When I modify a model to make it fit with the C3D file, I make copies of the entire file and rename it. Sometimes when I make a modification in one of them, it apply it to all the copies, so I can’t run the others models anymore.
Most of the time it all come back good when restarting Anybody (this time it didn’t).
Thank you again
Best regards,

Claude Pothrat