Error in AnyMocap framework

Dear AnyBody technical support/community,

I am running AnyMocap framework in AMS using BVH file acquired from Xsens system.

During one trial of one specific task, I met this kind of error:

WARNING(OBJ.MCH.KIN7) : E:\AMMR\Body\AAUHuman\LegTLEM\Mus.any(1230) : RectusFemoris2.SPLine : Penetration of surface : cyl : Via-point 'RectusFemoris2Node' on 'SPLine' is located below the wrapping surface'cyl

WARNING(OBJ1) : E:\AMMR\Body\AAUHuman\LegTLEM\Mus.any(1320) : BicepsFemorisCaputLongum1.SPLine : Number of allowed iterations for contact solution has been exceeded in Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Right.Leg.Mus.BicepsFemorisCaputLongum1.SPLine. Final error at time 1.298020e+01: 9.661493e-08 rel error, 1.373496e-06 abs error

ERROR(OBJ1) : E:\AMMR\Body\AAUHuman\LegTLEM\Mus.any(1320) : BicepsFemorisCaputLongum1.SPLine : Factorization of stiffness matrix for velocity analysis failed. Try to use a use a larger AugLagCoef value.

But the model itself seems ok (in attached figure). And for the same task from other subjects, the system works fine. So how can I solve this problem? I cannot find anywhere to modify this AugLagCoef value, and how can modify this value? Any reply and solution will be highly appreciated!

Great thanks for your help.

Hi Tracy,

These are muscle wrapping issues.

You can read more about resolving penetration error here:

Concerning the convergence error, and the suggestion to increase AugLagCoef simply click the blue link in the error message it will take to the definition of the muscle in question. Then in this muscle increase AugLagCoef value.

Hope it helps

Also note that muscle wrapping issues can sometimes be a sign of the joint angels are outside normal range.

Best regards

Dear Soren,

Great thanks for your kind reply first.

I will check the page for trying to solve the penetration error.

However, I just clicked the error message, and I didn't see any codes or variables for changing AugLagCoef values. Could you plz give me an example in AnyMocap framework? (like showing which line of code in specific muscle is for AugLagCoef value)

Great thanks for your help and patience.

With Regards,

Dear Tracy,

I understand the reason why you do not see it, this is because it is not set in the code for most muscles but has a default value, which is 1000, but this does not mean it cannot be changed.

To change it

  1. Click the link
  2. this will take you to the muscle
    3 in the SPLine folder of the muscle write e.g. AugLagCoef =10000;

You can also see the value in the modeltree
in the SPLine folder

Hope it helps

Best regards

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