Error information when using AnyBodyCon

I am trying to run an AnyBody model a number of times using Matlab and the AnyBody Con interface. The problem I am having is that I cannot distinguish between a trial that solves correctly or one that has an error.

For example I sometimes get the following error messages:

WARNING(OBJ.MCH.MUS3) : D:/Anybody/Work…iles/T…s/Feb11/TwoBones.any : MyStudy.InverseDynamics : Overloaded muscle configuration.


ERROR(OBJ.MCH.MUS4) : D:/Anybody/Work…iles/T…s/Feb11/TwoBones.any : MyStudy.InverseDynamics : Muscle recruitment solver : solver aborted due to singular KKT matrix

But for Matlab there is no difference between one of these trials and one in which there is no error. Can the error number (for example OBJ.MCH.MUS3 or OBJ.MCH.MUS4) be saved during the analysis so that it could be output into for example a text file? I am aware of the reasons for these errors so would like some way of knowing in which trials they are occurring.

Thanks for your help

Hi Monique,

The system automatically saves this type of output in log files.

On my pc it is placed in this folder :

…AppData\Roaming\AnyBody Technology\AnyBody.5.x.x

If you search for “error warning and messages” in the manual you can find a
page describing this.

I am not sure the console application will save the output in these file…

When running the console you can get the output into files by writing for example

anybodycon mymacrofile.anymcr >>MyLogfile.txt

Hope this helps

Best regards

Hi Søren

Can you please tell me how I can find where the program is saving the log files. I have searched the computer for .log files but it does not find any.



Hi Monique,

I think you have to enable the view of the hidden folders first. Then in your user account folder you should find the path Søren mentioned: AppData\Roaming\AnyBody Technology\AnyBody.5.x.x

Best regards, Sylvain.

Thanks. It was just a case of unhiding the folder - with Windows 7 that just took me a bit longer to find.