Error scr prs 9

Hello everybody. I am a new user from germany, so sorry for my bad english. I think my problem is really is for you!
When i start my anybody, and try to load an example like the standing model, than i get this error after i try to load the skript!
Error (SCR:PRS9)
C:/U…s/K…d/A…a/R…g/A…y/A…x/A…2/Body/A…n/T…k/PelvisSeg.any : ‘PelvisSeg’ : Unresolved object

I hope there is someone who want to help me.

Thank you!!

Hello Konrad,

The problem is that your model refers to the pelvis segment but cannot find the segment where it expected it to be.

It can be due to a number of reasons:

  1. You may have made a mistake when editing the models and by accident changed the reference to. If you have just unpacked the repository and have not changed anything, then you can rule that out.

  2. You may be missing the Body branch of the repository. Please make sure that you have a branch called Body parallel with your Application branch.

To be sure that you have everything unpacked and placed correctly, click the AnyBody Assistant icon in the toolbar, then the Demo tab, then scroll down and click the “Install the demo repository by clicking this link” hyperlink. Then select a folder under My Documents or wherever you normally keep your stuff, and unpack the repository there. Finally, try again with the example in the unpacked repository.

  1. Finally, if you have very strange letters in your file and directory names, then that might be the reason.

Best regards,