Error when enrolled the FDK code into MoCAP-lowerbody model

Hey all,

While performing the example of FDK method into the Mocap model, I get the the following errors.

Implants.any(44): ‘Right’:Unresolved object

Do you konw any ideas abot this problem?

Thanks for your time

Hi Xiaode welcome to the group!

Can you explain a little bit more about what you are trying to do? Which example are you following? Which joint are you replacing with FDK, Hip or Knee?

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Hi Christine, thanks for your reply.

I want to put the example TKA-KneeBendDemo into the Mocap_Lowerbody model.

When I replace the standard knee joint with FDK knee joint, I got the following error:

Implants.any(44): ‘Right’:Unresolved object.

The repository I used was AMMR v1.6.2.

PS: I did two steps for the replacing prcess: first, I copied the .stl file (lied in Input file) and .any file (lied in Model file) in the TKA-KneeBendDemo to the corresponding file in Mocap_Lowerbody model. Then, I added the same TKA FDK anyscript code to the Mocap_Lowerbody model main.any file.
Is this correct for replacing the standard knee joint with FDK knee joint?

Thanks for your time.

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Hi Xiaode,

Can you attach you please attach your Mocap_Lowerbody model main.any file please so I can better see what is going wrong?

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Hi Christine,

Thanks for your kindness.

I have attached the file as your wish.

Looking forward to your reply~

Thank you very much.
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Error when combined FDK and Mocap (899.9 KB)

What version of AMS are you using?

Thanks for your reply.

I use the 6.0.5 version. The example is from the AMMR 1.6.2.

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