Error when reopen file ( from the template) that are saved to my own folder

Hi, I am new to anybody modeling system, currently on a trial version 7.2.3 of it. The problem I encounter is that every time I saved a modified file (originally from the template) to somewhere else, after that the next time I try to reopen it, it shows an error when loading the file, the error says :
ERROR(SCR.SCN1) : C:/U..s/X..A/D..s/A..x/A..o/Q..r/StandingModel.Main.any(1) : Cannot open file : C:\Users\XINGA\Documents\AnyBody.7.2.x\AMMR.v2.2.1-Demo\Qiaoqiao Zhu Folder\libdef.any
Can anyone help me to resolve this issue? Thanks!


Just copy the libdef.any file (can be found in every single folder in AMMR-demo folder) into your folder.



The model should look up to an existing libdef.any, but in your case you introduce a new level "Qiaoqiao Zhu Folder", which breaks the relative path, and you get an error.

To fix this you can either add ../ to the line in StandingModel.main.any, which includes libdef.any or use an absolute path instead like this:

#include "C:\Users\XINGA\Documents\AnyBody.7.2.x\AMMR.v2.2.1-Demo\libdef.any"

Kind regards,

Hi Nickel, thanks for the suggestion, somehow it did not work, but you inspired me, it is successfully loaded now after I copied the whole files in the demo folder (including the libdef file, the three subfolders named 'Input', 'Model', and 'Output') to my folder. Thanks a lot.

Thanks Pavel, thanks for showing me the reason for this error, and for the suggested solution, I tried both, but somehow it did not work well. But I tried copying the whole files in the demo example folder to my folder, and it works. thanks very much.

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