Euler parameters


I have two short questions:

1\ I noticed the additional comment about the ‘EulerParam’ type in the ‘AnyKinRotational’ class description; “Euler parameters is a special form of quaternions”. However, it seems like an ordinary quaternion to me. so what is the special form? Has it to do with restrictions on the first term (e.g. always positive or not)?

2\ To find an answer to question 1, I noticed an interesting archived thread. In the tenth post I saw an interesting remark (, that in the future you may want to add the possibility of what I would call a quaternion driver: “Maybe could it be put as a new parameter for the AnyKinRotational (i.e. Type= EulerParam; ForceUnitVector = {On})”. As I would like to use this to drive segment orientations with quaternions (just as Jean-Olivier in the thread), I wonder if this is still something you will be working on in the future?

Best regards,

Bart Koning

Hi Bart,

I am not sure on why this comment is there, i guess it is because of the constraint that the vector of the four parameters must be a unit vector.

Thanks for bringing this feature to our attention again, we will consider it again, but i can not make any promise…

Best regards