Please help me with my design to attach my exoarm with Anybody Human Right Arm. I have attached file here with this thread. How to find nodes in Anybody Human Body?

Dear Arpit Shah,

First, I would recommend you to modify your SolidWorks assembly model before translating it into AnyScript model.

  1. It seems that there are four different parts in your assembly.

  2. I guess that you may like to introduce 3 joints:
    1 spherical joint
    2 revolute joints

  3. In order to implement a revolute joint in AnyScript by using SolidWorks, I would recommend you to use an advanced ‘Hinge’ mate rather than using both coincident and concentric mates in your SolidWorks assembly.
    By doing that you can avoid over-constrained kinematic situation in your model.

  4. After translating process is done, you should make your own application using the translated AnyScript files.
    I would recommend you to start from a clean ‘StandingModel’ in our repository. Make a copy of that model and try to add your own files.

Best regards,

I did but In chart View I am getting Straight line in all my graphs. Which script I need to focus on.

Please upload your model in the debug section: