External force add to hands


I am trying to compare the muscle activity data from Anybody based on mocap data(Xsens) and the data using an actual EMG sensor.

I have succeeded in implementing data in anybody using Xsens, but i am curious about how to add external force on hands as an input.

The external force will be measured using another sensor and will be derived in csv format.

If you have a similar experience to me or can help, please comment me.

Thank you.

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You will need to use an AnyFunInterpol obejct to read and interpolated the force data in the CSV file.

Secondly you will need to apply the force using an AnyForce3D object.

Applying the force could look like e.g. (sorry for any typos)

AnyFunInterpol MyForceFunction  ={
FileName ="MyFile.csv"

AnyForce3D MyHandForce ={
F= MyForceFunction(MyStudy.t);
AnyRefFrame &ref= .....Some_Node_On_The_Hand;

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