F0 and max stress and pcsa of muscle

Hi every body.
i want to find some data like F0 and max stress and pcsa of muscle of leg muscle.
Many thanks

Hi Aneoo,

Please have a look in the file.


Please also try to load the model and look at the data in the MuscleStrengthModel, it will have F0. In the TLEM data for the leg, the muscle volume can be found instead of PCSA.

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Hi toerholm,
I want to identify the cop point(r) and the reaction force from Ground .
can you help me.

Hi @aneoo

It depends a little on what model you have - does it include forceplates or are you using the GRF prediction tool?

If you have a model based on the Plug-in-gait_Simple with GRF prediction it is located:
Main.Studies.InverseDynamicStudy.Output.EnvironmentModel.ForcePlates.GRF_Prediction_Right.ForceMomentMeasure_Auto and likewise for the left foot.

For the same model with measured force plates it is:
Main.Studies.InverseDynamicStudy.Output.EnvironmentModel.ForcePlates.Plate2.ForcePlate.ForcePlateSeg.PlateSurface.COP_ball.Position - for each plate.

The reaction forces can be found in the same locations.

Best regards,
AnyBody Technology

Hi BJorn
Thank you for your explanation.
I am using 5td version and standing model(basic model).
I don't know How to extract that data.i have used this code

AnyOutputFile OutFile1={
FileName="Ankle Pos.txt";
but it did not work.
Thank you

Hi @aneoo

What do you mean when you say the 5th version? is it AnyBody Modeling System version 5 or?
The Human Standing model template utilizes the GRF prediction, so you need to use the other example i gave you.

  • right COP: Main.Study.Output.Model.ModelEnvironmentConnection.GRF_Prediction_Right.GRF_point.Position
  • left COP: Main.Study.Output.Model.ModelEnvironmentConnection.GRF_Prediction_Left.GRF_point.Position

Best regards,
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Hi BJorn
Thank you
yes i mean AnyBody Modeling System version 5.
i cant find that Path .
in my version there is:

and this one:

can i use this for Left ?

Hi @aneoo

Ah, that makes more sense. The tool I am referring to is not available in your version.
You need to make the ground reaction force prediction yourself since the current repository is not supported in AMS v.5.

I would advice you to consider upgrading to our newest version.
Not only will you get tools like the Ground Reaction Force prediction, but you will also get a more detailed human model and advanced features like force-dependent kinematics.

If you are interested in a short demo session please don't hesitate to send me a direct message.

Best regards,
AnyBody Technology

Hi everybody
I am using 5td version of anybody can I create Force plate in standing model.I don't have Force plate in my model.

Hi @aneoo

I think you best chance is to download the newest version of the ammr here and find the GRF prediction under tools.
I do not think you will get much relevant help for a 10 year old version here on the forum.

You must expect to make changes for the code to work in your model since the repository have undergone significant changes throughout the years, but hopefully you can make it work.

Best of luck
AnyBody Technology

Hi Bjorm
thank u
ok. i think your suggestion is so good.but it is too expensive to buy for me.
thank u.