FEA problem a strange image

Dear Sir:
I opened the db file for the clavicle in Ansys APDL(version 2020R2)and imported the boundary condition configuration file(txt fomat) generated by anyfe2APDL.exe. after that, i saw a strange image appears and the clavicle model disappears. I would appreciate it if anyone could help.

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Hi @YangChen

Did you follow our tutorial on the Ansys tool?
It could be the scaling or units that is offset?

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Dear Bjorn:

Thank you for your reply. I read the tutorial carefully, but maybe I missed something. Considering that the boundary condition I entered here is what I got using anyfe2.exe, I'll try to import the boundary condition generated by runme.bat in example directly later to see how different it will be.

Kind Regards

Dear Bjron:

I loaded "runme.bat" in the example folder and automatically generated five txt files, which I imported into apdl, but i still didn't succeed this time..

I now suspect that the reason may be that the coordinate system is not established correctly when importing the clavicle model. Since I know almost nothing about apdl, I have two questions: (1) can the boundary conditions be applied directly by importing the clavicle model directly into apdl in the tutorial? (2) if not, whether it is necessary to define a work plane or establish a local coordinate system (mentioned in the tutorial, but because this part of the description is very short, I have no idea how to do it).

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I have given up apdl and switched to abaqus, and everything is going well. I have no more questions.

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