FEA Problem, the keyword misplaced

Hi anybody supporter:

Lastday I using the tool of AnyFE2 to obtain the inp file, but cant't open it in abaqus, when import the inp file to abaqus, i recieve warning that line xxx: The keyword is misplaced. It can be suboption for the following keyword xxx...

Here are the steps:

  1. I import the thigh igs file to abaqus.
  2. setting materials, setting step, and so on.
  3. submit job, obtain the inp file.
  4. using AnyFE2 tool, obtain the output.inp.
  5. open the output.inp in abaqus.
  6. Receice thousands of warning.

coud you help me to solve this problem?

Your Sinecly.

The problem has been solve by myself!

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