Filtering of motion data in AnyMocap framework

Dear AnyBody technical support/Community,

Now I am working on the AnyMoCap framework (Record the human motion with Xsens, export the bvh file, and run it in the AnyBody).

But after I got the output of inverse dynamic (take the following figure as example), it seems to be very steep (many steep peaks) compared to results from some other papers (who also used AnyBody for analyzing).
One expert on the internet suggested me using low pass filter to solve this problem. But I am not sure if this is the right direction or not. So my question is:
(1) Based on your experience, is this problem made by not filtered motion data?
(2) If it is, how can I solve it (filter the data) in AnyBody? (I searched the tutorials and wikis but didn't find the answers)

Great thanks for your reply, help and guidance.

Sincerely Yours,

Hi Tracy,

Depending on the activity the cutoff frequency can be adjusted. Please see the LabSpecific.any file it already has a LowPass filter built into the model and applied.

Fluctuations like this can originate from either motion or applied loads.. so if you apply forces they might also need a filter.

Best regards

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