Finger Movements

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I’m working with the FreePosture model to generate some output muscle forces for simulations of the upper extremity in Abaqus. The FreePosture model provides a great support for that! There is just one thing missing, the movements of the fingers. How do I have to include or define the drivers for the fingers? For me it looks that all drivers for the fingers are there but they are not included in the Mannequin file. So far I was not able to implement the finger movements in the model in a way that it would work. How could that be done?

Repository: AMMRV1.2

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Hi Daniel,

welcome here at the AnyBody Forum. There is a model in the examples called FreePostureHandSR that has everything included. Are you using this model?
I would also recommend to use the newest repository.

[FONT=Arial]Hi Amir,
Thank you for the reply. No I’m not using the FreeHandPostureHandSR model. I started with the FreePostureBody model and simulated daily activities performed with an arm. At the beginning it was enough just to have the movements of the shoulder, the elbow and the wrist but now we would like to include somehow the finger movements. I will have a look at the FreePostureHandSR model.

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Also the FreePostureHandSR model has no detailed muscles. E.g. there are no muscles attached on the middle and distal phalanges. Is there a more detailed model or a model of a finger with all muscles attached?


you are right, there is currently no model with arm and individual finger muscles. In the beta folder, you can find a single finger model developed by John Wu. Several people and research groups try to connect this model to the arm…