I am a new user of Anybody. I am trying to learn human machine interfacing using example tutorial "Making Models using SOLIDWORKS". I have downloaded the example zip file.

But when I load the main file in Anybody, model view is not showing as intended.


On running inverse dynamics it is showing errors.

Any help to explain this will be highly solicited.


Hi @manan and welcome to the forum!

You are getting some errors about the constraints of the model - did you do any alterations before loading it?

best regards,

Hi @Bjorn. Thanks for prompt reply.

I was trying to learn the tutorial "Making Models using Solidworks". But, I got same error in the end. So, I downloaded the example zip file but still the error persisted. I really don't know if I had made some wrong alteration as I am new to Anybody.

Other example that I tried earlier was that of Padel. And it is working fine.

thanking you,

Hi @manan

I'm sorry that the model failed - I found a bug in it and here is a fixed version:
The initial position of the human needed to be moved closer to the actual position and there was a reference frame that was misaligned at the feet.
You should be able to run this version now. (268.9 KB)

Thanks a lot for reporting the error, we appreciate it!

Best regards

Thanks @Bjorn.

I am able to run it now.


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