Fixing Ankle Joints for Recumbent trike


I’m a relatively new user to AnyBody and I have created a Recumbent Trike model with some help from a previous post. I’m trying to model a situation where the ankles are strapped into the pedals and therefore I am trying to fix the ankle joints of my model.

I currenly have altered the ankle angle during the cycling from the origional 3D bike model I used for the conversion. I’ve included the AnyScript for the right foot that I’m currently using and my model works well apart from the joint moves exactly as it should if the feet weren’t strapped in.

Do you have any suggestions as to how I might be able to fix the ankle joint for my recumbent trike model?

[SIZE=1]AnyKinEqFourierDriver[/SIZE][/SIZE] PedalRRotationFourier ={
AnyKinMeasureOrg &Jnt = .FootRMovement;
Type = CosSin;
AnyVar a0 = -0.3797; //-0.3797-0.5*pi;

AnyVar a1 = -0.0205;
AnyVar b1 = 0.3393;
AnyVar a2 = 0.004906;
AnyVar b2 = 0.03654;
AnyVar w = 7.681;
Freq = …BikeParameters.Cadence/60;
A = { {a0+0.5*pi,a1,a2} };
B = {{0,b1,b2} };
Reaction.Type = {Off};

Hey David,

sorry for the late replay and I actually do not fully understand. Do you want the ankle not to be a joint? So it is completely fixed?

Can you upload your model zipped (please delete everything unnecessary)? So I can have a look at your adaptations?

Hi Amir,

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes I’m trying to make the ankle joints completely fixed so that effectively they are no longer joints at all. Do you think that doing that will that still produce good recruitment patterns for the rest of the leg muscles during a cycling motion? If it is difficult to do it doesn’t matter, it isn’t completely essential for my work. It may be acceptable for me to just limit the joint movement to a small value (I think I know how to do that).

I think I have attached all of the relevant folders for my model which has been converted from the 3D bike model. I can attach others if I’ve missed any.

Thanks a lot for your help.


I was also wondering if it is possible to selectively combine results from different graphs onto one graph. I know it is possible to use the * to see all the muscles represented together or even different muscles with the same name but I’ve not been able to selectively choose 4 or 5 muscles with different names to compare on the same graph. Is this at all possible on AnyBody or do I need to export the numerical data and create my own graphs through exel etc?

Thanks for your time.


use the AnyChart and not the ChartFX and you will find the option to “add series”…