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I added AnyForce3D to the shank of the GaitVaughan model.I saw in the tutorial that the Flocal property makes the force perpendicular to the node.But after I used Flocal, I found that the force is not always vertical in motion.Can you tell me how to make the force always perpendicular to the node? Thank you very much.

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Hi Chen,

The force you have applied is indeed following the reference frame you have listed.
but the drawing of it does not and that might have confused you.

The AnyDrawVector has a property called “GlobalCoord” which can be “On” or “Off” default is “On”

This means that when you draw it will display the vector you supply in global coordinates not local.

I would fix the problem in this way:

Set GlobalCoord=Off;

and set your vector in this way

Vec=.Flocal*0.01; //scaling factor applied

The code you have written to set Vec is wrong, this code would make a constant vector of {-0.3,-0.01,-0.04} displayed in global coords.

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