For spring, how to consider the damping coefficient?

For spring, how to consider the damping coefficient?

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Dear Yang Yang,

AnyBody uses SI units, that means a spring is defined as

Force [N] = Stiffness [N/m] * Length [m]

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There is a problem ,A Force about 4000N was loaded on human’s shoulder through buffer device and the action time of the force was only 300ms. As we know,the buffer device will Reduce the effect of the forces on the human body.
How to simulate the buffer device use the AnyBody ? I use the spring to simulate the buffer device,but failed and the reaction force run up to 40000N.
I need to do what?

Hi Yang Yang,

A damper can be made using the AnyForce object.

This object can be a function of kinematics both position and velocity.

So in this object you can write expressions like

F=MyMeasure.PosMyStifness+ MyMeasure.VelMyDamper;

Would this approach solve your problem?

Please note that you still need to have the motion prescribed, since AMS uses Inverse dynamics so you will not see an altered motion due to the loads and your damper.

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