force plate data in c3d

Dear AnyBody:

I wonder which segment of c3d file is used in AnyBody in calculating internal forces? Specifically, as seen in the attached picture, under ANALOG/PROCCESSED, I see 21 analog channels representing signals in accelerations, forceplate signals, moment and so on; for each channel, there are 10 samples (SUB1 to SUB10). Under FORCE/PROCESSED, there are FP1 and FP2 values (in Newton). Assuming FP1/2 values are derived from ANALOG signals, does AnyBody use FP1/2 directly? If so, can I modify those numbers in AnyBody after importing a c3d file?

Thank you very much!

oops, forgot to upload the picture

In the environment, you create forceplates using class templates. The definition of the class templates is done in the forceplate files. Depending on which type you use, you include a class template in the beginning of the Main file in the class.any file.


#include “<ANYBODY_PATH_TOOLBOX>/Mocap/ForcePlateType2AutoDetection.any”

in there you could make edits. Please make a copy before you change anything. Those class templates are not easy to understand at first glance.