Force plate data in GaitLowExtremity model

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I have questions about AnyBody. And I attached .pdf file.
Think about it, then let me know.

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It could be that simply in the C3D file the first plate has been given the number 2 as name and the second the number 1. It is not very logical but at the end it doesn’t really matter. The important is that the correct force is applied to the foot.
So i would start by checking the name of the plates.

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So is there anything to change??


Just make sure that in the environment.any file the indices are correct, that means that the plate1 points at Fx1, Fy1, Fz1 etc… and No=0.

And for plate2 No=1 and pointing at Fx2 etc.

If you did this then there are no problems.

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Thank you very much for your reply !