Force plate data


I am currently trying to get my model up and running with data from a Type 1 Force Plate. Therefore I am modifying my own ForcePlateType1.any file that I got from the help of Søren.

However I have problems with the CoP data that I have in the c3d file, it has somehow gotten incorrect coordinate data. Therefore I would like to import that specific data from a txt file instead. I have managed to import the data from one file by having only the information of T, Px and Py in the space separated txt file (any more values gives an error).

My question is therefore, how can I import the data for my second force plate? I don’t really understand how the AnyKinEqInterPolDriver works, especially with what information is taken from the file by using FileName and then how that information is used. The anybody file is attached.

Maria Jönsson
ESA - European Astronaut Center, Köln

Hi Maria,

It will be ‘much’ better for both of us to help you if we can debug your actual model with proper C3D files.

Please upload your model on the debug section if you want to get further investigation.
Debug section:

Best regards,