Force Platform not taken into account

Dear Anybody team,

I recently started working with Anybody, and I’m facing my first problem.

I’m using the GaitFullBody model (AMMRV1.5 and ANybody version 5.1.3) to run a hose insertion task from a c3d (I have reduced the model to trunk+arm since only the upper body is of interest in this study).
Everything seems to run well (optimization and inverse dynamics), but even though the force platform can be seen, its signals are not taken into account.
I’m not sure of what is wrong…

Thanks in advance for your help !


PS: I could not attach the model here due to a “token security” issue, but you should be able to download it here


you are using a standard ForcepLate that is created for Gait. If you look in the:

#include “<ANYBODY_PATH_TOOLBOX>/Mocap/ForcePlateType2.any”

there is a OnOff switch included

AnyVar FzTotal=load(ForcePlateDriver.t)[2];
AnyVar OnOff=iffun(gtfun(-FzTotal,10.0),1.0,0.0);

that takes only values that are greater than 10. However, your force values go in the other direction. So either change to less than function (ltfun) or -10. You also need to check if the force is applied in the right direction.

Hope that helps

Dear Amir,

Many thanks! your advice did really help !