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Hi dear @Bjorn,
I have a general knowledge about software But based on the data I have, I do not know which default software AMMR MODELS should used to encounter fewer errors.
The data I have are:

  1. Three-dimensional angles of the joints
  2. Only fz ground reaction force
  3. Coordinates of the center of pressure of force in the direction z (COP)
    I intend to receive muscle force with the above output data.
    Another question I have is whether the force plate code works with a force and a pressure center or not?
    If it works, can you tell me what values ​​we should put instead of other forces and torques so that we do not encounter errors?
    Thanks alot and wish you the best of luck

Hi @sajad_azizi1369

It sounds like an interesting case, and also quite advanced to setup.
We do not have a model in the AMMR that is ready for that case.

if you joint angle data is organized in c3d or bvh files you should start with one of the AnyMocap models that use GRF prediction.
Otherwise you will need to create the markers and drivers yourself in a standing model template.

For the force and COP your will need to create a segment where to constrain five of the six degrees of freedom and apply the fz component on the last degree. you drive this segment with the COP coordinates to move it. lastly you connect the feet with the segment using the Ground Reaction Force prediction class found in the AMMR. this should give you what you need.

On last thing to mention is that the model will fails as soon as the feet move away from the segment. Since the applied force is not counterbalanced. This you can handle by modeling a very weak muscle to that degree of freedom in both directions.

Best regards,

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