I am reworking the GaitFullBody model and driving it using collected C3D data. Does ForcePlateType4 has anything to do with the different force plate manufacturers? I am using a kistler force plate and get errors that Fx1 is an unresolved object. Error point to EnvironmentAutoDetection.any file. Version 4.2 of AMS is being used.


The force plate type does not necesarily reflects the manufacturer. There are different types: 1, 2, 3, 4… You can probably find your force plate type in its documentation. You can also read more about it at
Once you know the type, use the corresponding class in AnyBody. It is included at the top of the Main file, and the informations are fed in the Environment file.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Thanks Sylvain. Problem solved. The challenge now is ‘Cal’ is an unresolved object. This makes sense given this variable is undefined in the ForcePlateType3AutoDetection file. I searched the ForcePlateType3AutoDetection file and could not find a possible replacement for Cal variable. Can you help here?

Hi Nicholas,
it depends if your data is scaled already or not, If not, I guess you simply have to introduce a calibration variable in the file.

Did you have a look at the definiton of the forceplates?
BEst regards,

Thank you Sebastian. The link sent was also suggested by Sylvian and it is extremely useful to the understanding of this section of the code. I do not believe I need to scale the force plate data hence I will not use the ‘Cal’ option.