gait cycle formula

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I hope that I’m posting my question in the right place ,

I would like to know please if there is any equation that describe Knee Gait Cycle?

I would like to use the equation/formula to drawn some gait cycle for some analysis-


Hello ,

I am not sure if this is the right place for the question either, but I would think it is not entirely the right place.

Your question is rather general, and I would think a general anwer must unfortunately be “no”. A human gait cycle is a rather complex movement and to describe it in general, there are a lot of parameters that will go into this equation, such as subject specific parameter as bone length and geometry, muscle strength and even the position of the foot on heal strike and many more.

What is normally done with the AnyBody simulation software and especially with the AnyGait application is to measure a gait cycle, typically using markers on the subject, and calculate the kinematics and muscle and joint forces for this gait cycle.

Nevertheless, if you would like to describe a gait cycle with a set of equations, you could have a look at the publication list of the AnyBody website,
Maybe the publication of Pandy et al. “Dynamic Optimization of
Human Walking” from 2001 referenced in one of the early publications in the list could be interesting as well.

If you have not tried the AnyBody software yet, you are very welcome to ask for a trial license and try out the facilities of the Anybody modelling system to plot properties of the knee during a gait cycle using the trials coming along with the AnyBody model repository.

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