Gait Lower Extremity model

Hello all,

I have used the GaitLowerExtremity model from the model repository for my research and need some sources in regards to where this model was created and any other sources regarding this model. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

I have some publishable results and I need to be able to reference this model. Thanks.

Best Regards,

Preet Sabharwal

Hi Preet,

the specific model GaitLowerExtrimity was created at AnyBodyTech. If you are using the standard gait C3D file that comes with the example, that was created as well from AnyBodyTEch. I don’t know any publications at the moment that use the GaitLowerExtrimity Model, however, there are several publications out there regarding the whole AnyBody Modeling System and the Repository System.
Check out the Wiki Publications:
Or check following report; It is about rowing, but it has some good general information and references in it:

Please have a look at this and come back if you have further questions.