Gait model debug

Hello AnyScript,

I am trying to get my model to work with no luck. I am using gaitlowerextremity and have added simple muscles to the model. However I cannot seem to get the kinematic analysis to work; it either fails at time zero or at some other time interval. I have tried changing the kinematic tolerances but still no luck. Could somebody have a look please. It most likely is something simple but I am still new to AnyBody!


Hi Farooq,

please have a look at you gait data, it seems to be erroneous. Look at the area I marked yellow in the picture:



Dear Amir,

When I include the “ScalingL5.any” for example in the “StandingLiftFEA.any” , it seams to work just fine (it runs ok).
The Problem is though, that it has no effect at the final result.
To make it more clear, I run the operation first with no modification and I export the “stl” file and the “.txt” file with the forces.
Then I run the operation again while I have used the Scaling. The results are exactly the same.
My assumption is that I have done my scaling based on other vertebra file which AnyBody no longer uses. What do you think ?



it seems you are still using the standard scaling:
#include “<ANYBODY_PATH_BODY>\Scaling\ScalingStandard.any”

and not the scaling that you just defined in the L5.any file.

please read also Lesson 4 of the scaling tutorial.