GaitApplication2 v.1.3

Dear All,

The GaitApplication2 application has been place in the file section
of the group, in the folder “GaitApplication2”

The application has been created by Michael Skipper Andersen, and
makes it possible to optimize the motion of a lower extremity model,
which is kinematically over-determined.

For more details on the theory behind this application please see the

Kinematic Analysis of Over-determinate Systems (Michael Skipper
Andersen, 22. February, 2007)
and please also carefully read the documentation in the
GaitApplication2.pdf, which is found together with the
GaitApplication2, before trying to use it.

In the new repository 7 there are two models which makes use this
application, these are Application/Examples/GaitUniMiami and
Application/Examples/Runner. Also the lunge model has also been
created using this, but the model in the repository only shows the
final result.

These models have a fifteen step procedure defined in the top of the
main file, which should explain the user how to make use of the
application in connection with an AnyBody Model, but as the fifteen
steps implies this is not so straight forward. Please keep in mind
that this is a temporary setup, in time these facilities will find
their way into the AnyBody System.

We will try to support the use of this application the best way we
can, but we foresee that it might be a challenging task, so keep in
mind that this application is a temporary thing, which makes it
possible to use these facilities before they become available in the

Finally, please keep in mind that this application only works with
the pre-defined topology of the lower extremity model.

All feedback is very welcome and we hope that you will find this
piece of software useful!

Michael Skipper Andersen
The AnyBody Research Project.