GaitApplication2 v.1.4

Dear all,

A severe bug has been located in GaitApplication2 and a new version
has now been uploaded. By mistake, version 1.3 scales pelvis
incorrectly along the y-axis instead of the z-axis, when using the
length mass scaling law. This issue has been fixed in version 1.4.

Best regards
Michael Skipper Andersen
The AnyBody Research Project.

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> Dear All,
> The GaitApplication2 application has been place in the file section
> of the group, in the folder “GaitApplication2”
> The application has been created by Michael Skipper Andersen, and
> makes it possible to optimize the motion of a lower extremity
> which is kinematically over-determined.
> For more details on the theory behind this application please see
> webcast
> Kinematic Analysis of Over-determinate Systems (Michael Skipper
> Andersen, 22. February, 2007)
> and please also carefully read the documentation in the
> GaitApplication2.pdf, which is found together with the
> GaitApplication2, before trying to use it.
> In the new repository 7 there are two models which makes use this
> application, these are Application/Examples/GaitUniMiami and
> Application/Examples/Runner. Also the lunge model has also been
> created using this, but the model in the repository only shows the
> final result.
> These models have a fifteen step procedure defined in the top of
> main file, which should explain the user how to make use of the
> application in connection with an AnyBody Model, but as the
> steps implies this is not so straight forward. Please keep in mind
> that this is a temporary setup, in time these facilities will find
> their way into the AnyBody System.
> We will try to support the use of this application the best way we
> can, but we foresee that it might be a challenging task, so keep in
> mind that this application is a temporary thing, which makes it
> possible to use these facilities before they become available in
> system.
> Finally, please keep in mind that this application only works with
> the pre-defined topology of the lower extremity model.
> All feedback is very welcome and we hope that you will find this
> piece of software useful!
> Michael Skipper Andersen
> The AnyBody Research Project.