GaitFullBody Mocap model - "Number of allowed iterations for contact solution..."

I’m using the GaitFullBody Mocap model that has been modified by removing lower body markers and the markers on the left side of the upper body. The Kinematic analysis runs properly, but I get an error in Subscapularis_5 about exceeding the number of iterations allowed for contact solution.

I found a previous thread that stated that the solution to this is to increase the StringMesh value for the problematic muscle, or change the origin/insertion location of the muscle. I’ve increased the StringMesh from it’s default up to 50, then 75, then 100, and finally 1000 and it has no effect.

The kinematics of the model appear to be almost perfect. The modeled markers and the experimental marker data are aligning very well. The body posture looks natural.

I am using an older version of AnyBody (Version 5.0) and AMMR (Version 1.3), and I know that the newer versions have improved muscle wrapping that are supposed to alleviate these issues, but our research budget makes upgrading somewhat unfeasible so I’m hoping there is a solution otherwise.

I’ve attached the model, including the C3D file that I’m currently having issues with. I appreciate anything you can do for me. My PhD dissertation is based around results from AnyBody, and my next aim will have more complex postures. Are the more complex postures going to exacerbate the issue I am having?