GaitFullBody Model Elbow twists

Hello all,

I’m using the GaitFullBody model and removed the lower limbs and the left arm as I’m only interested in movements with the right arm.

I’m using 3D motion capture data to drive my model and I seem to have a problem with driving the Elbow correctly. The RELB marker seems to twist the Elbow incorrectly and not according to the original .c3d file even though I’ve turned off filtering in AnyBody.

So in short:
The RELB marker is showing movement which is not coherent with the original .c3d data. I’ve turned off filtering in AnyBody. The RELB position read in AnyBody (through AnyChart) does not show any difference with the original .c3d data, yet the movement is not the same.

I can not add the model just yet, as it exceeds the upload limit.

Does anyone have had a similar problem and/or solution?


Hans Essers

Dear Hans,

This is the self-supported forum where you may not be able to expect our official support.

So it will be better for you to upload your model for debugging here:

You don’t need to upload the full repository with your model.
You can just make a zip file of your model and upload.

If the size of your model still exceeds the upload limit, please use a kind of cloud file sharing service such as Dropbox.
If you put the link of your file then we will try to download it and solve your problems.

Best regards,