GaitFullBody Weight Function Using Residuals

I am using a somewhat edited version of the GaitFullBody model in one of my projects and I am trying to use the AnyInputC3D function to construct a weight function for each of my markers using the residuals. However, I keep encountering a problem when increasing the “WeightTransitionTime” to greater than the length of one time step. I continuously get one of the following two error messages:
“The values in Ts must be monotonically increasing”
“Insufficient time-spacing between state transitions”
The only values for WeightTransitionTime that are working are too low for when my markers are dropping
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
John O’

Dear John,

do you have a model that you can upload to the debug section here in the forum? Please state which AMMR and AMS you are using and we will see what can be done.