"GaitLowExtremity" model

Hi, I’m AnyBody software user.

I have questions.

I am using 3D motion analysis system(Motion Analysis Corp., USA).
I did an experiment on gait and I obtained motion data(plug in marker set,23) and force plate data(2).
And I am using “GaitLowExtremity model”.
So, I did analysis inverse dynamics and obtained results.

And I attached .pdf file(my question summary).
Think about it, then let me know.

how do i get the model gaitlowerextremity to work?

Sorry, but The GaitLowExtremity model is in the AnyBody repository.


The problem is that you did not run the optimization sequence correctly. At the very top of the main file there is a switch between the parameter optimization model and the inverse dynamic model.

When importing a new C3D file you must run the optimization using the parameter optimization model, so you have to set it to 1, and set the inverse dynamic model to 0. Then run the parameter optimization sequence.

When this is done you can switch back to the inverse dynamic model and run the inverse dynamic sequence.

For a detailed explanation of the precedure please see the two following webcast (http://www.anybodytech.com/index.php?id=199). Note that you have login to see them:

AnyGait: Getting quickly from mocap to individualized musculoskeletal analysis (John Rasmussen, 15. December, 2009)

Streamlining gait analysis with the AnyBody Modeling System v.5 (Soeren Toerholm, 26. January, 2011)

Best regards, Sylvain.

The problem was solved !
Thank you for your reply.

Best regards