Dear AnyBody Community,

I have 2 questions regarding the GaitUniMiamiTD application.

(1) When I uncomment the MarkerPlacementStudy and load my model, the following error message appears. What should I do to obtain the ModelGait.txt file that GaitApplication2 needs as input?

Deleting last loaded model…Done.
Loading Main : "c:\Documents and Settings\AnyDemo\ AMMRV1.0\ Application\ Ex…
ERROR(SCR.SCN7) : c:/D…s/A…o/ A…0/A…n/ E…s/G…D/ BodyPar… . : TRUNK : Already defined at:
c:\Documents and Settings\AnyDemo\ AMMRV1.0\ Application\ Ex…
Model loading skipped

(2)In the Enviroment.any file, how do I have to define/change the value of “AnyVector OffsetCorrection” , “AnyRefNode c0center.ARel” and “AnyFolder PlateB.AnySeg ForcePlate.Axes0” ?

Thank you

Hi ??,

  1. This error you is not related to the GaitApplication2. What happens is that when you include again the MarkerPlacementStudy you also include a second body model. That was ok previously but the new body model setup does not allowed it anymore because of the define statements. So you can only include on body model at a time which in this case also means on study at a time.

  2. The OffsetCorrection is a correction of the point of application of the force for this particular C3D trial. If you use your own C3D file you have to set it so the center of presure fit with the feet.
    The orientation of the force plate axes depend on the force plate type. It is usually defined in function of the corners. You can find all the information about it on

Best regards, Sylvain.