GaitVaughan model

Dear all,

I need help concerning the GaitVaughan model.
The model is driven using marker coordinates from motion captures experiments.

If I’m not wrong, those coordinates are stored in the files p1.any to p15.any ( or p1.txt to p15.txt).

My problem is that I don’t understand how it works, because I didn’t find the folder containing those files in the repository.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!



Hi Arnaud,

These files are used by interpolation drivers, so when they are used they will appear as a “Data” matrix in the interpolation driver.

If you look in the file MotionTrackerInclude you will find the script used to do this.

Please note that this is an old model and it is constructed in this way because the C3D was not available.

So if you have a C3D file availble this model is not the way to go forward, that would be the anygait model or the gaitlowerextremity/fullbody models.

Best regards

Hi Soren,

first all all thanks for your answer!

I looked in the file MotionTrackerInclude, and as you said, the interpolation drivers use the p1.txt to p15.txt to drive the kinematic measures. This fact is clear.

But i don’t understand why this files (p1.txt to p15.txt ) don’t exist, and the model moves despite that.

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Hi Arnaud,

I have taken a look in the model again and the files p1.txt to p15.txt do exist as separate files.

Could it be that you looked for the files using the file browser in AMS and the filter was setup only to show the *.any files?

Best regards

One more thing, just a note:

as with any of the mocap driven models the model run in two steps, first the motion is found by the marker information, then the motion is saved as joint angles which is transferred to the inverse dynamic model.

So in theory the model could run the inverse dynamic simualtion without these files provided that the optimization was already done.

Oh my God!

You are right!!!