GM foot model

i would like to know the horizontal distance between the centre of mass and the outside point of heel at heel strike and horizontal difference between centre of mass and big toe at toe off. how do i measure?

You can easily do that with a AnyKinLinear, this is a measure between two points, it should look like this:

AnyKinLinear HeelComLin = {

AnyRefNode &Node1 = reference to heel node;
AnyRefNode &Node2 = reference to COM node;


this will give the x, y and z distance between both nodes.

here is a description how to get the COM

cheers thats for that, also why is the TaloFibularAnterior ligament given a L0 length of 0.03439757m when in real life its only around 20mm?

I think the length depends on the attachment points on both points. That’s how we came to this number.