grabbing hand CAD file


in my model the human is grabbing an object with its hands… but as far as I know that in Anybody a grabbing hand model is not available…

is there any way I can make the hands looks like grabbing something (visualization)??

is there a CAD files library I can get the hand model from??

another question : I have this error message
ERROR(OBJ.MCH.MUS4) : X:/I…s/A…l/D…l/D…e/DrivingPosture.Main.any : Study.InverseDynamics : Muscle recruitment solver : solver aborted due to singular KKT matrix

how can I solve this error??

please advise me…


Hi Zayd,

In AMMR 1.2 there is an application called FreePostureHandSR, it has a detailed hand model where you can drive the fingers to the exact posture you need.

About the muscle recruitment error, that can have a lot of causes, so it is difficult to provide you the right solution. Try to look for uncarried DoF, external forces applied not correctly, etc. You can also send your model.

Best regards, Sylvain.


please find my model attached with this reply…it is almost the same model from the repository…

Ineed your help in the following problems:

1-I always get a warning that the muscles are overloaded when I run the model, please take a look at the model and tell me how to fix this problem ?!?

2- I added support file but i think it is not working properly…please check this for me in the model.

3- what is the difference between Leg and LegTD ?? what are the properties of each one??

I really need your help to finish this model.

PS: I use AMMRV 1.2.


you have changed quite a bit the folder structure which makes it time consuming to debug. Please change your structure to the standard AMMR Repository folder structure, or provide the whole repositiory.
Best regards,


Sorry, I didn’t notice this…

I attached the repository … so it should run easily now …

sorry, I can’t provide the CAD files for the environment. they have very large size… but it should be fine :slight_smile:



You have no support acting on the model except on the arms this is why the model is overloaded.

in the BackrestSupport.any file you need to modify the variables listed below, (similar in other files).

These numbers needs to be much bigger in you case otherwise the support element will have no contact.

AnyVar UserDefinedLimitLow=-0.05;
AnyVar UserDefinedLimitHigh=0.05;
AnyVar UserDefinedRadiusLimit=0.7;

Basically there can be contact if the TargetObject is inside a cylinder of the size above. The Cylinder is placed in BaseObject and has it longs axis along the first mentioned direction in your case x. The length of the cylinder is 5 cm upwards and 5 cm downwards.

Best regards