Graphs showing the inverse


For both my load carriage task and lifting task, the graphs are showing the inverse. For instance, knee flexion is displaying knee extension.

How do I rectify this problem?



It seems that some of AnyBody’s joint angle conventions may be different from what you think.

I would recommend you to check our ‘StandingModel’ to check which value you can see there.

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Thanks for the response. Will look at that.

Quick question, is the mocap model validated?

In other words would I need to validate my lifting and lowering task and load carriage task if using the mocap model?

This is a more “ethical” question. Several previous users have made simulation and compared it to experimental data in order to validate this MoCap model. However, as soon as you change a single line, it is not the same model anymore. This means the principles used in this model, the individual parts should be validated.