Great forum and Introduction of Ozen Engineering

Hi all,

I just wanted to test out the new forum and introduce Ozen Engineering to the community. Ozen Engineering is the California (USA) distributor of AnyBody technologies and also specializes in Finite Element Analysis. Ozen Engineering ( has developed the only licensed product, called Any2Ans (, that directly integrates musculoskeletal forces derived from an AnyBody model with the commercial finite element analysis suite Ansys. We offer consulting services as well as training for both AnyBody and Ansys. Our most recent projects have been related to coupling AnyBody, Any2Ans, and Ansys for evaluating orthopaedic implants (i.e. fracture fixation devices and spinal implants) under different activities of daily living in which the physiologically realistic boundary conditions (muscle and joint forces) are derived from the AnyBody model.

Personally, I have been an AnyBody user for over 4 years (back in the days of v 1.xx) and welcome any opportunity for continued collaboration with other AnyBody users . Please feel free to contact me directly ( or Ozen Engineering ( on projects related to AnyBody (ergonomics, human factors, etc.) or projects related to AnyBody integrated with finite element analysis (implant evaluation, design, and/or optimization).

I look forward to seeing this community grow and I think this forum is a great start.

David Wagner
Project Manager
Ozen Engineering