higher humeral head medial offset

Hi guys,

I’m using 4.0.2 version of the software with the new scapular rhythm from deGroot.

I want to test the hypothesis that if we increase/decrease the medial offset of the humeral head, the passive force in the rotator cuff muscles will increase/decrease significantly, in a way that it should influence the reaction force at the gh joint. To do so, I move the humerus ‘gh’ node from -1 cm to + 1 cm from the original position.

Before performing the tests, I set the optimal lengths of the tendons (Lt0) of each muscle with the value that I get from a normal calibration, and I do not calibrate the model between low and high medial offset configurations, to simulate the fact that the musculotendinous optimal lengths aren’t changed.

However, the passive forces that I get are still low (more or less 1 to 5 N max) and I don’t understand why. Is this normal ? Maybe I’m doing something wrong or I don’t understand it well.

Thank you for your support.


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