I would like to be able to use more hotkeys.
Most important would be a hotkey for commenting - I didn’t just miss it, did I?
It would also be nice if the keys for the 3D-Model-View would be working correctly (I often encounter the bug that after releasing CTRL the “move” function is still active).


Hi Patrick,

thanks for the comments: Hotkeys are currently discussed! What would you want additionally to the commenting?

The ModelView Ctrl button issue is known, we’ll have a look at it.

Hi Amir,

I was thinking about that and at first I didn’t have any ideas, but now there are some:

  • Close window (CTRL+W)
  • hotkeys for new AnyChart, Model view
  • sth. like CRTL+F7 for loading the currently active window as new main
  • hotkeys for displaying “Projects”, “Operations”, “Model” and “Files” in the model tree directly
  • maybe bind the move/drag function on the middle mouse button
    I think this is all I would ever need :wink:

One more thing regarding the gui: I would be nice if the right click -> locate in model tree function would also work when the model tree isn’t displayed. At the moment for example if you have displayed the project tree nothing happens when using this function. It would be nice if the window on the left displays the model tree is automatically.

Best regards



we will look into that :wink:

The "locate in model tree function"has been implemented already and will be available in v6.0.