How do you make this guess CreateExoOriginOnHuman?


I'm still studying the stair assist model. I noticed that some guess values were introduced in the CreateExoOriginOnHuman.

I want to know how you determine these Initial_Guess values. Thanks!



Hi TJ,

The initial guess is an optional value that can help with the parameter identification study. The purpose of this class template is to determine a reference node on the human segment that should be coincident with the origin of the corresponding exo segment. The parameter identification study can normally do that but providing an initial guess value that is close to the expected value can help reach the solution faster. In this case, the precise values of initial guess, I believe, come from the solution of the parameter identification study itself. This must have been added manually during the development of the model.


P.S. For other users, the example referred to in this question is available here.

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