How the Glove works ?

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The tutorial explains that “You may find a glove segment as well as a hand. The glove is a remedy for the fact that we have a rigid hand in the model. Rigid segments are infinitely strong, and when you attach something very strong to the environment you can sometimes get unreasonable results. So we have added an extra glove segment to the hand.”.

I read the code about the Glove Segment,and can not understand the Why this Seg Can aviod the rigid joint between the hand and the extra segment.
I will be appreciated if you could explain How the Clove working.For other contact how to set the soft connection? For example,an extra Segment connect with shoulder,What needs to be done?

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The locations of the hand segment and the glove segment are same.

And there are 3 linear reaction forces.
And there are 3 AnyGeneralMuscle objects between those segments.

Because there is a limitation of the strength in those AnyGeneralMuscle,
so there is also a limitation in the amount of the moments between those two segments.

I don’t understand what your intention of ‘soft connection’ is.

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