How to add up all data?

Hi there!
I am robin currently working on the seated human model.
I have already known, from the tutorial lesson 3: Reviewing Analysis Results, that I can plot all data using the *mark. However, could you please tell me how should I manipulate the chart window, that I can get, for example, the sum of all forces on multifidi?
Thank you!

Hi @emeraldhu and welcome to the forum!

To plot things like means, sum or other derived variables they need to exist in the output of the study.
So to create those variables you can use a AnySearchFun to locate all the multifidi muscle branches.

Here is some example code to help get started:

      AnySearchFun MultifidiList = {Search = "Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Trunk.MusclesSpine*.Multifidi.*.Fm";};
      AnyVar MultifidiMaxForce = max(MultifidiList());
      AnyVar MultifidiMeanForce = mean(MultifidiList());
      AnyVar MultifidiSumForce = sum(MultifidiList());

Add the above lines to the study section of your model and they will be available to plot in the chart window.
The example finds the multifidi of both left and right side. To distinguish them just swap MusclesSpine* with MusclesSpineRight

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Hi Bjorn,
Thank you so much for your timely reply. It is really useful.
I'm also wondering if there is a way in Anybody that I can export my model. What shall I do?
Thank you in advance and greetings

Hi @emeraldhu

I am not quite sure what you want to export?
You can't export the model itself to be used by any other software.
But you can export images, data and videos of your simulations if that is what you want?

Best regards,

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