How to Change the Position of Hip joint Center?

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Several questions:
1. I don’t know the difference between





2. And I noticed that the hip joint refers to HipJoint, not HipJointAnatomicalFrame. So if I want to change the hip center position in anatomical frame , the following code should be corrected:
  AnySphericalJoint Hip = {
    AnyRefNode &ThighNode = ..Seg.Thigh.HipJoint;
    AnyRefNode &PelvisNode = ..Seg.Pelvis.HipJoint;

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The anatomical frame is mostly used for scaling and not as a joint node.

Please have a look at the THA model, in there we have designed a way to exchange the “normal” hip joint and replace it by a modified hip joint with a different center.

Dear Amir,
Thank you for your reply.
Now I know how to change the position and I have got the code to change the position:
AnyOperationSetValue ChangeCupPos=

AnyVec3 CupCenter = {0.03263332,-0.1077328,-0.075}; // in meters
Source = {&CupCenter};
Target = {&Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Trunk.SegmentsLumbar.PelvisSeg.Left.HipJoint.sRel};

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