How to compare the Muscle Force of AnyBody with others?

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I have an question in comparing the muscle force with the muscle force in other literature. As you know every block of muscle in AB contains several parts. for example, the GluteusMedius contains GluteusMediusAnterior1,GluteusMediusAnterior2…GluteusMediusAnterior6,and also contains GluteusMeiusPosterior parts. But in literature, the authors just metioned “GluteusMedius”. So I don’t know which part I should choose to compare with other data? Choose the maximum?

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If you want to evaluate the net effective forces from several muscle branches, then you can try to use the AnyForceMomentMeasure2 class instance.

Then you can try to compare the forces from AnyBody to whatever you refer to.

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Thanks so much for your help. I will try and if any other problems, I will consult later.

I have added the AnyForceMomentMeseasure2 to my model to measure the GluteusMedius muscle force. Just show as follows. Can you help check it to ensure the results?
many thanks

That looks good, except you need to switch off the IncludeGravity flag. And the cumulative force will be reported in the global reference frame. Change it to be something else if this is not intended.


thanks so much. Now I can get the force of GluteusMedius muscle exerted on the thigh according to the global coordinate.