How to determine the position stl. femur bone

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I want to import Femur bone stl. file into human full-body musculoskeletal model.


  1. How to determine the position stl. femur bone into human full-body musculoskeletal model?

Screenshot 2022-08-25 104801

Hi @Pasawee,

Check the tutorials:

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Hi @pgalibarov
I thank you very much for the advice.
I can do it.
May I ask you a question : How to determine the position STL. implant (as pictured) ?

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There are a few ways to position the implant in the model, but they all come down to locating some landmarks on the bone that can be used to reconstruct the position of the implant. Using these landmarks you can move the implants rigidly to align with the CT/X-ray.

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HI, @pgalibarov

For example THA-KneeBendDemo model ,it have refer position implant . Using the command AnyRefNode .

How to know the number refer position in the command AnyRefNode in Area.

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